The David A. Richardson Grating Laboratory was constructed by Bausch & Lomb, 150 feet below ground level and on bedrock, for the purpose of precision ruling and replicating diffraction gratings.

The 1950's

This technology was applied to the ruling of master linear scales and the replication of these scales in commercial quantities. Those linear scales became the basis for the evolution of a line of optical measuring products.


Bausch & Lomb acquired Micro Line, a company located in Jamestown, NY that had developed a photographic emulsion process for replicating precision patterns.


Both companies combined their replication technologies to produce precision chrome line scales. This, along with Bausch & Lomb's emerging electronics capability, resulted in the development of the first truly commercial digital readout (DRO) system.


Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH acquired ACU-RITE INCORPORATED.


ACU-RITE INCORPORATED acquired METRONICS, INC. a company located in Manchester, NH, that had developed a line of geometric readouts known by the brand name Quadra-Chek.

ACU-RITE introduced TurnVision, the first vision readout (VRO) specifically designed for turning applications.


ACU-RITE introduced MillVision, the first vision readout (VRO) specifically designed for milling applications.


ACU-RITE constructed a new 77,000 square foot facility located in Jamestown, NY which continues to serve as our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility.


ACU-RITE introduced MillMate and TurnMate readout systems to the marketplace. These application-specific digital readout (DRO) systems were an affordable solution for cost conscious consumers.


ACU-RITE introduced a re-designed Qwikcount readout to the marketplace. The Qwikcount readout was a compact, economical and simple readout that was ideal for grinding applications.


ACU-RITE introduced the Master readout line to the marketplace. The Master series consisted of three application specific models: Master-MP for milling, Master-TP for turning and Master-G for grinding and general purpose applications.

ACU-RITE began construction of a 12,000 square foot environmental and temperature controlled clean room; allowing ACU-RITE to house it's all new and one of a kind, in the United States, scale replication equipment. The clean room became fully operational in 1994.

ACU-RITE added surface mount technology (SMT) to increase the quality and throughput of it's P.C. board assembly process.

The above multi-million dollar expenditures made ACU-RITE one of the worlds premier manufacturing facilities for electronic products and precision glass scales.

ACU-RITE introduced EDMVision, the first vision readout (VRO) specifically designed for EDMing applications.


ACU-RITE INCORPORATED received ISO-9001 certification.

ACU-RITE introduced a brand new precision glass scale to the marketplace known as the MicroScale. The all new MicroScale offers a compact design ideal for cross-slides of lathes, inspection equipment and other applications that have limited mounting space.

ACU-RITE entered into the CNC controls market with the introduction of MILLPWR®, a 2-axis Control/3-axis Readout system that provides a versatile, flexible, cost-effective solution to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of manual milling machines.


ACU-RITE completed construction of a 40,000 square foot addition to the manufacturing and stock room facilities.


ACU-RITE introduced a complete family of user-defined, application-specific readout systems that provide greater flexibility, increased efficiency & productivity, easy feature access, better accuracy and improved workpiece quality.

ACU-RITE introduced a brand new precision glass scale to the marketplace known as the ENC 150. The all new ENC 150 scale offers superior accuracy, finer resolutions, advanced technology and improved durability & reliability.


Acu-Rite’s MILLPWR control system was completely reengineered and introduced to the marketplace. The new MILLPWR is available as a 2 or 3 axes readout system and offers many new features and benefits at a reduced price.


Acu-Rite introduced the ENC 250 long travel encoder. The ENC 250 is specifically designed for large machine applications and answers the growing demand for an accurate, reliable and competively priced scale for planer mills, horizontal boring mills, large lathes and other over-sized machines.


Acu-Rite introduced the new Micro-Line readout systems for Milling and Turning. Micro-Line M and T are the latest additions to the Acu-rite family of readout systmes specifically designed for milling and turning applications and are affordable solutions to basic machining needs without sacrificing performance.

MILLPWR was enhanced to run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs for full 3D contouring as well as an ability to translate DCF files directly into program code. The added features made MILLPWR the most accurate CNC milling machine in its class. 


Completed 20,000 sq. ft. addition for new mechanical workshop.


Acu-Rite Companies Inc. merged into HEIDENHAIN Corporation.